All of our garments are designed by Ash, owner & founder of Salty Shreds, from her little coastal beach house in the beautiful town of Mudjimba Beach.

Every garment, every slogan, every cut is unique to Salty Shreds, and takes endless hours of careful preparation and planning to ensure only the highest quality materials are used, the cut and design is unique, and we have sourced only the best suppliers. Attention to detail is key, and Ash ensures nothing but style and the absolute best quality possible is put into garments for your and your groms. 

Our detailed designs are sent over to our manufacturers in India, China, Bali, where they are ethically produced, within fair working conditions, in only the safest , highest quality environment. We only use select, and carefully sourced suppliers, whom we have established not only business relationships with , but strong friendships as well. 

We are extremely environmentally conscious and therefore, all packaging is removed prior to sending, garments are thoroughly inspected and sent in our enviro friendly reusable bags. 

Whilst you may think our garments are "too pricey", rest assured these are not your every day cheap department store clothes. There is so much cost involved when producing high quality ethical clothing, not to mention the time and effort that goes into the designs by the owner herself, as well as material cost, production cost, sample designs, shipping costs, the cost to pay our workers a fair wage. Salty Shreds aims to provide clothing that cannot be bought elsewhere. Ash started this business with a dream to design clothing that suited her lifestyle, matched her baby girls personality, and the most important reason being, that she could live a life where she could spend time with her kids, and not go back to her normal 9-5 mundane job. Through salty shreds, her love for the ocean, skating,  capturing special moments, and unique creativity is able to flourish and be passed onto those who also live for adventure and choose to wear her style. We promise you, 100% uniqueness and quality with every garment you purchase for both men, women and kids.

Just remember, we aren't just a brand, but a lifestyle.