It is of extreme importance that the appropriate steps are taken when caring for and washing your garments. We want to ensure you get the most amount of wear out of these possible, and maintain their quality. 
We do not accept returns or exchanges on any products that are damaged because of user error. Salty Shreds is not responsible for washing errors.
- Gentle hand wash is required of all garments in COLD water only. This will not only prolong the life of the garment, but ensure colours do not run, and avoid any shrinkage.
- Absolutely no soaking. This can cause colors to run especially with harsh stain removers. Only ever soak whites except those with leather labels, as these can run or stain your product
- Drip dry in the shade where possible. This will avoid fading. Please also ensure any prints are turned inside out in extreme heat to avoid sticking.
- ABSOLUTELY NO DRYERS  - we all love a quick dry but this will ruin your product.
- Cool iron where needed
All swimwear MUST be rinsed immediately after use in cold water and drip dried out of direct sunlight. This will not only prolong the life of your garment, it will avoid stretching, as well as garment prints lifting. This also includes wetsuits. DO NOT leave rash guards wet in hot cars , and always dry inside out in a cool place . 
Please remember when purchasing products such as knits, or french terry garments produced with the rough side out, that kids will get these caught on objects, rough surfaces etc. This is almost unavoidable and will happen at least once. However, these are easily fixed by trimming loose threads and running a stitch through any knit products to avoid it further catching. Remember, kids are kids and this is to be expected.
Salty Shreds is not liable for items damaged after being worn.
All products produced by Salty Shreds are tested and tried by their own kids and family. This is to ensure their quality, and none of the above errors occur on their own. All garments are produced the same, so rest assured, everything tried and tested by ourselves, will not be damaged if the above steps are taken.
Please remember to take special care of your salty garments and ensure them a lifetime of happiness