Skateboards + Surfskates

We believe in confidence, empowerment, and pursuing the things that make you smile. Skateboarding has always been a massive part of the Salty Shreds lifestyle and what it means to live like a grom, and these boards are the ticket to discovering the concrete stoke.

Whether it's time for a family cruise by the seaside or a session at the skatepark teaching the little ones how to drop in, we've got the coolest designs and gear to make it happen. Salty Shreds skateboards are created explicitly for the little rippers, sized to perfection to bring out their best. These killer skateboards are good times and rad vibes waiting to happen; groovy surfskates and responsive kids' skateboard completes for any style and skill level.


Our kids' skateboards come complete with trucks + wheels, ready to hit the park. These boards are perfect for learning true skateboarding, ideal for beginners and talented groms alike. If your kid wants to drop in, kickflip and hit the park after school, these are the most stylish, top-performing way to make that happen.

SurfSkate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to surfskates. I'll teach you what a surfskate is, the differences between the major styles of skateboarding, and how you and your groms can learn to shred this unique cruiser. There's lots to learn, so let's cruise right into the good stuff!


Surfskates are the sickest things on the streets. Our collection features the artwork you love, and boards designed for the unique, surf-like style of cruising everyone is frothing over. Get creative as you surf transitions and carve like a shortboard, amping up those surfing skills and having a blast with your new favorite cruiser. A joy for the groms and the rad parents!