Not Just a Brand, But a Lifestyle

A lifestyle inspired by sunshine, salt, and the summer state of mind.

Salty Shreds embodies my love for surfing & skating, the pure stoke of raising three groms hungry for the same, and what it means to capture the essence of simple, authentic living. Every product we create encourages you to live life to the fullest, empowering the pursuit of salty smiles and non-stop adventure.

Our designs represent the rad vibes, good times, and beauty of every memory made along the way, and our products are suited to endure the gnarliest of lifestyles, no matter your age or gender.

Because we believe in the endless summer, made for the girls who shred, the boys who try to keep up (jokes!), and the mums and dads who never stop ripping. I started this brand when Bryxton was just six months old, and since then, it's turned into a worldwide label with two more blonde-headed groms that have joined us in our legacy!

So here's to more sand in our toes and salt in our lungs, to sunny surf sessions and concrete waves. Here's to the parents encouraging a love for the outdoors and enabling all their little rippers to shine with bravery and confidence. And, of course, here's to sustainable clothing and the finest balance boards, skateboards, and surfskates your feet have ever felt!

But most importantly, here's to you, and thank you for your unwavering support. Let's go shop and shred now, shall we?!

Meet Our Reasons Why

Ocean (18m)

It's Ocean's world, and we're just rollin' with the tides.

She's our little boss, and she's out for it all. Catch her cruising down the sand or leading the pack toward our next adventure.

Ziggy (3)

She faces her fears with a smile and never stops charging. Ziggy is passionate, reckless (in all the best ways), and eager for adrenaline.

Good luck keeping up with our middle child. There's no stopping this one.

Bryxton (5)

Bryx surfs with style and skates with soul, out to show the world just how hard girls rip. Her kindness is sunshine, and she's the raddest big sister around.

From day one, this legend has been here for it all.

I Surf, I Skate, I Create.

Sun Seeker & Salty Wave Dreamer. 

Mother of three, lover of one, and designer of all things rad. I live for the surf checks, the skate decks, the frothy waves, and lay dayz. I have created a brand embodying my lifestyle, the salt I breathe, and the beautiful memories I make with my groms. I am Ash, and I will never grow up. 

You can always catch me when I'm not out surfing or skating with the groms, and until then, be sure to hit the contact page to get in touch. 

Live Rad & Stay Salty. 

Ash ☀