Stay Stoked & Shred

Built for everyone, these surf-inspired designs will have the kids ripping for hours, developing keen balance skills with psyched-out smiles. And for the rad mums and dads, the board sport enthusiasts, or any adult seeking out a killer fitness-focuses pastime; there's plenty about balance boards to froth over.

Your balance board will improve the family's core strength, coordination, and balance. Stall, wobble, extend, and hang-5 over the beautiful birch eucalyptus deck featuring our rad in-house art, every moment a newfound thrill.

They're the reason my groms can surf & skate with such confidence, they're sanity on any day or flat spell, and they've kept me fit during the busiest times. Balance boards will seriously change your life, a necessity to any quiver. Especially these ones.

Watch Us Rip


The Balance Board

Your balance board comes fully gripped and ready to shred, guaranteed to bring balance, surf, & skate skills to new extremes. Beginners will enjoy the stability and mellow feel of our wider balance boards. Narrower boards are lighter & easier to throw around for more of a challenge, great for intermediate to advanced kids + adults.

The Roller

Get right into the good stuff. All surf balance boards include a cork roller featuring the Salty Shreds logo, creating the surfy-feel and physical challenge we love. For a more stable effect suited for ALL ages (especially helpful for beginners + those seeking a fun addition to their workout routine), I highly suggest purchasing the inflatable balance disk to accompany your balance board.

The Yoga Mat

Use your balance board safely on nearly any surface with the addition of a Salty Shreds cork yoga mat! Great for more than just workouts and yoga sessions at the beach, cork yoga mats are antimicrobial and easy to clean, increasing friction and stability while riding. With sweet designs to go along, take your shred stick with you as you explore different settings for a session!