Here's to vitamin D, fresh air, and the pursuit of adventure.

We're always outside, and with toes more often in the sand than not or some type of board always under our feet, we're passionate about sharing the Salty Shreds lifestyle. With so much to learn from what nature has to offer and countles ways to use what the Earth has on tap for thrills & fun, here is your go-to list for an endless summer; outdoor activities for kids who thrive on the wild side!

10 Rad Outdoor Activities for the Groms

These activities are some of our favorite ways to get outside, suited for the groms who enjoy movin' and groovin' under a shining sun. Hopefully, you find some inspiration in them, and if there's something on the list your little ones have yet to explore, we can't wait for them to get out there.

Be sure to tag @_saltyshreds_ on Instagram so we can keep up, and without further ado, here's how to keep the stoke alive with these ten super fun outdoor activities for kids.

1. Beach Yoga

Yoga is the mind & bodies most trusted ally, promoting flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. And when you and the kids move through your favorite flow on the beach, you gain the added benefits of a salty ocean breeze accompanied by the sound of the waves.

Lay down your Salty Shreds Yoga Mat or towel and lead your kids through basic poses like downward dog, tree pose, and child's pose. Encourage them to take deep breaths and to focus on the sensations, like the sand under their feet and the sun on their skin. Not only will it get them outside, but it will also inspire them to continue this approach to a healthy lifestyle well outside the grom years!

2. The Skate Park Scavenger Hunt:

Kids Skateboards Ready For Ripping Up this Killer Outdoor Activity.

Are your groms into skateboarding? A skate park scavenger hunt is a super rad way to explore the park, encourage new challenges, and switch things up a bit. Plus, it works super well with their friends!

Make a list of different obstacles or tricks to try, and see who can check them off first. Or, you can assign a point value for each obstacle and see who can rack up the most.

This activity will also help kids improve their balance, coordination, and problem-solving abilities all while they shred and get better at skating.

3. Nature art:

Have your little ones get creative outside with natural materials like rocks, shells, and leaves. Encourage them to make sculptures, mandalas, or other art pieces using only what they can find outside. This activity will foster creativity, imagination, and an appreciation for the natural world while using the mind and body.

I did an article on beach art ideas for kids, so swing into that read if it piques your interest as your next outdoor activity for kids!

4. Outdoor cooking

I'm all about healthy eating activities for kids. Combine that with some outside time, and that's a two-for-one worth frothing over.

Whether roasting marshmallows over a campfire or grilling burgers on the BBQ, engaging your kids in cooking (or just helping you cook!) outside can be a fun way to involve them in meal prep and teach them about fire + food safety. Plus, it'll amp up those cooking and self-development skills to the next level.

5. Geocaching

Haven't yet heard of geocaching? This activity can promote problem-solving skills and a sense of adventure and exploration. It's like a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates. Download a geocaching app and see if you can find hidden caches in your area. They'll feel like they're living out their favorite books and treasure-hunting movies!

6. Balance Boarding

Want to know just one of a million reasons we love balance boards? It's because they are our favorite, always-reliable activity for indoors or out! There's never a time you can't shred on the balance board, and using them in the park or the yard really brings out the best in these sick little shred sticks.

Throw down the yoga mat anywhere the sun is shining, and you've scored infinite hours of keeping the little ones occupied with this sweet outdoor activity for kids.

7. Sandboarding

Do you live near sand dunes? Or are there any close enough for a weekend camping adventure? Sandboarding is such a thrilling, unique form of board sport that totally falls under the radar! Similar to snowboarding, but on the sand (duhh), it's a great way to challenge the groms' balance and coordination.

This activity curates a sense of adrenaline and excitement while forming a new appreciation for the natural terrain, and the memories are top-tier!

8. Beach clean-up:

Teach your groms the importance of keeping our beaches clean and safe for marine life with the simplest, most approachable way for kids to practice ocean conservation: a beach clean-up!

Bring some trash bags and gloves and spend a few hours picking up litter and debris. It doesn't have to be some full-on, all-day ordeal (although that's rad, too!). This activity will promote environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility for our planet while enjoying a nice day at the beach together. Who's up for a surf later?!

9. Nature journaling

Encourage your kids to observe and record the natural world around them with nature-focused journaling. Provide them with a notebook and some art supplies, and have them draw or write about what they see when they're outside. Help to write about what they saw, what it made them feel, and how this inspires their dreams. This activity promotes creativity, imagination, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

10. Parkour

If your kids are into gymnastics or parkour, find a safe outdoor space like a playground or park and challenge them to navigate the obstacles and terrain. This awesome form of exercise can improve balance, coordination, and physical fitness, as well as boost self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

And, ya know, do make sure they are careful. We're not urban climbing here, just monkeying around!

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Live rad, stay salty.

- Ash, Dev & The Salty Shreds Fam.

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