When you start to take skateboarding seriously, or if your groms seem stoked on this killer boardsport, you'll need to size your board correctly to get the most out of its intended performance.

So, what size skateboard should I get? By the end of it, you'll know precisely what size skateboard is perfect for you based on the factors that matter the most, including:

  • Your Age
  • Your Shoe Size
  • Intended Style of Riding
  • Your Height & Weight

Ready to rip? Let's get right into it, my radical people!

What is the Size of a Skateboard?

Real quick, let's first go over exactly what I mean by the size of a skateboard and why this all matters.

In this instance, I am talking about the size of the actual skateboard deck, aka, the part you stand on!

I also want to clarify that we're talking about sizing performance skateboard decks meant for flip tricks and transition riding, not longboards or surfskates intended for cruising and carving.

Sizing the skateboard trucks will depend on the size of your deck, so in this sense, learning what size skateboard is ideal for you will inherently provide this information. And sizing your skateboard wheels is a different story, so check out the linked guide when you're ready to move on to that.

Anyhow, when you're picking out a skateboard deck & choosing the size, this is really referencing the width of the board. Skateboard manufacturers naturally adjust the length to best match the width, so overall, if you're getting the right width, you're also getting the right length.

You'll reference/call the skateboard size by this width, and performance skate decks generally measure anywhere from 7.0" to 8.50" inches wide.

Let's clarify all of this and make it easy for you to understand and apply when picking out your next skateboard!

What Skateboard Size Should I Get?

What's Not to Love About a Tye-dye Skateboard?!

The perfect skateboard size will depend on the following factors, so take time to understand each on their own, and by combining this knowledge, you'll know what size skateboard to buy for you or your groms.


I like to begin with the skater's age because if your grom is under a certain age threshold, learning what size skateboard is pretty straightforward.

2-8 Years Old

If your grom is under eight, then you really don't need to worry much about other factors like weight and shoe size, especially considering how quickly they'll grow.

A skater in this age range will do well with a skateboard within the 6.5" -7.0" width range.

I like to round up to the 7.0" in width for our micro grom skateboard completes.

The seven-inch wide size of the deck leaves plenty of room to grow into the board, a slightly larger board is stable when first learning, and your groms can reach a skill level ideal for advancing into the next skateboard size.

"Decked Out" (pun intended) in Salty Shreds!

8-12 Years Old

At this age range, skateboard size begins to matter, as, by this point, kids can develop high skill levels and grow into their bodies- at least to a certain extent! To keep it simple, groms in this age range should look for a skateboard width size of 7.0" -7.5" in. The younger and smaller kids should opt for the lower range and vice versa.

If they're reaching the older end of this range or if they're tall for their age, you can think of increasing this size to 7.75" just to give them a little more room to grow into the board.

13 And Up

Once you get past the 13-year-old mark, you'll need a full-size skateboard measuring 7.75" in wide to typically 8.75" in wide, with even wider boards (up to 10.0" in wide) for certain uses.

This specific size becomes more dependent on the following factors, so check it out.

Shoe Size

Shoe size is a keystone element to answering your search for "what size skateboard should I get?!".

When looking at decks for kids past 13 and any adults, you should definitely focus your attention on how your shoes line up on the deck. When looking at a deck, go ahead and set it on some carpet and stand on it with your skate shoes on. You want your toe and heel to align as closely as possible to the edges of your board with your feet placed on the bolts in a standing position.

If your toes and heels hang too far off the edge, the skateboard size is too small, and if the board is significantly wider than your feet, it's too big!

Intended Style Of Riding

As you advance as a skater, you'll realize that there are a few different variations of riding styles that affect what size skateboard you should get. This matters more as you progress, but keep this in mind to find and tune your deck choice to perfection. The typical riding styles can be categorized by:

Street Skating

For the skaters who take to the streets, you want a board meant for flip tricks, ollies down stairs, and all sorts of grinds. Street skaters will typically seek a board in the middle range, which might be 8.00" inches to 8.25" inches wide. If you're on the tall side, you can always think to go bigger, and your shoe size will help determine the perfect fit.

Transition + Vert Skating

Shredding Transition in the Taste the Froth Grom Tee!

You want a slightly wider board to promote stability during these high speeds and aerial maneuvers for transition skating, such as riding bowls, halfpipes, and vert ramps. These decks are typically in the 8.25-8.75" range (for 13+ & adults).

The bigger you are, the more you'll want to go for the wider of the spectrum.

This is also where you'll see skaters riding old-school skateboards meant exclusively for bowls, and these are super wide skateboards that can be up to 10" inches wide.

Park Skating

Because park skating has a little bit of everything, locking in a skateboard 8.0" -8.5" should do you right!


A wider and, therefore, a longer skateboard is typically meant for cruising around. Again, this is where you fall into the category of longboard, surfskate, or cruiser, and these same sizing rules don't really apply. 

Height and Weight

If you really want to ensure you're choosing the right deck, you can factor in height and weight with these other variables now that you know what to expect from them.

Here's an easy-to-understand breakdown of what skateboard size you need depending on your height and weight:

  • Under 4.6 Feet & 50lbs: 7.0”-7.75” width
  • 4ft 6in to 5ft 6in tall & 50-100lbs: 7.75”-8.00” width
  • Over 5ft 6in tall and 100-160 lbs: 8.0" -8.50" width

Over 5ft 6in tall and over 160 lbs: 8.50" -8.75" width

Let's Summarize!

When you understand all of what I've covered, you have a perfect place to begin identifying what skateboard size is best for you. The thing is, you'll learn more and more as you progress, and in the end, nothing helps you choose a size better than experience, as this is the only way to feel the differences that deck size has firsthand.

So take this information and ride what you think will work well, as I can guarantee it will, and enjoy learning what kind of skater you are and how minute differences to the width make all the differences. Eventually, you'll know EXACTLY what you need for any skating style.

Remember to stay stoked, and always enjoy the process!

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Live rad, stay salty.

- Ash, Dev & The Salty Shreds Fam.

October 13, 2022 — Salty Shreds

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