It can be hard picking a product right, without knowing exactly how it works, more so , if this product is right for you. Lucky we don't just design a product to sell, we LIVE that product. Our balance boards are not just part of our brand, they are a part of our everyday lifestyle. Helping us stay fit and healthy to chase around our 3 kids, as well as keeping them entertained and their balance skills up ! Here is a list of you tube clips of a bit of fun we like to share on all of our boards, featuring owner & founder Ash & her 3 salty groms Bryxton, Ziggy & Ocean,  from ages 15 months - 4 years.  Be sure to subscribe for weekly uploads and tutorials, as these clips can be truly inspiring and help with any hesitation you may have. 

My 3 years old can now surf - How the balance board has changed our lives 

Balance boarding by the Ocean with 3 kids 4 and under

Moving it sideways - it's as fun as it looks!

Will they fall?

Busy Mum - Keeping fit on our SS thruster

Get your wobble on with our inflatable balance disc

How the balance board has changed their lives

4 year old reads a book on her balance board

3 year old Ziggy on our Kombi surf trainer

3 year old Ziggy plays Ukulele whilst on her balance board

Working out with 3 kids in tow

A Sneaky tutorial from 3 year old Ziggy Indigo

How to keep them entertained without the need for technology