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Surf accessories exist to make surfing more effortless, more manageable, and to enhance the overall experience of surfing: from pre-surf prep at home, all the way to riding a peeling, glistening wave face.

And as a surf mum with three beautiful, blonde-headed beach groms, I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about surf accessories.

What things actually provide value to the surfing experience? What are some of the most underrated surf accessories that everyone should have? Which of them really aren't much of a valuable addition to a day at the beach? Those kinds of things.

The Best Surf Accessories

Here's a piece of my mind, a touch of my experience and surfing knowledge of what I deem to be the best surf accessories, both for surf mums and anyone else with a wave-riding passion. Check it:

1. The FCS Ratchet Tool

I freakin' love this tool. With various fin screws on our boards, the FCS Ratchet Tool is a total lifesaver. Like the one time I forgot that the single fin on my 9'0" was locked down with a flathead, and I couldn't swap it to the board I really wanted to ride. Sucks, but it won't happen again with this handy little thing tossed in my console.

It's got every combination of screw head you might ever need for switching out your fins (plus it's nice for random fixes out and about), so it's definitely good to have in your surf pack; a must-have surf accessory for travel near and far.

2. The Handy Fin Puller

Since we're on the subject of fins, here's another killer device that makes life easier and, well, a heck of a lot less painful. Removing fins can hurt the hands, especially if you don't have a towel handy (dig the pun?), and you can even ding your surfboard if yanked too hard.

This fin puller surf accessory pops the fins out with ease, preserving the longevity of your fin box and leaving you without a red mark etched into your palm.

3. Cruiser Skateboards! (Surfskates)

Of all surf accessories, nothing has provided more relief during a flat spell or simple joy cruising on seaside sidewalks. The whole fam is in love with their surfskate.

If there's no surf, a cruiser skateboard will keep both yourself and your groms occupied, a good ol' physical activity that replicates the smooth flow of surfing.

Seriously, these things really are like riding a concrete wave, and it's the best surfing practice I know.

Pump, Bert Slide, carve, and hack your way down man-made waves, and always keep this surfing accessory in the back of the car- you'll need it more often than not.

And if your grom is more interested in rock to fakies at the park, we have all sorts of grom skatebaords to keep em' busy shredding the concrete wave.

4. Sustainable Boardshorts

We're seriously passionate about sustainability, and surf clothing comprises a large part of what we deem surf accessories. Think about it; it's what we wear, what keeps us comfortable in the water, and an embodiment/expression of our style and passion.

So, to match style with sustainability and also functionality, as these suckers are flexible and ultra-comfortable on the skin, I've got to nominate the Yin & Yang Cocotex Sustainable Boardshorts as a must-have surf accessory for anyone in your surfer family.

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5. A Changing Mat

Changing mats are essential. If you spend a lot of time in a wetsuit, you already know this well. But don't you dare go changing out of your wettie on the bare concrete!

Changing on concrete is the best way to damage your suit and reduce its lifespan. Changing mats fix this problem by giving you a soft, clean surface to change atop and typically double as a wet bag to wrap things up nice and dry once you're free of your rubber skin.

Pretty rad, yeah?

6. Surfboard Wall Racks

Do your groms run recklessly through the house, too? In terms of surfboard accessories, storage should remain a primary focus. Any surf rack is better than none, but I like wall racks the best. Not only do they keep your boards permanently off of their tails, but they store your surfboards high.

This means much less of a chance that your quiver will go tumbling due to an accidental bump in with an overly energized munchkin'.

7. SAFE Sunscreen

Notice the emphasis on 'safe'? Yeah, I did that one for a reason.

I take sun protection super-seriously, as we all should (especially considering Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer), and sun protection is one of those surf accessories that should never go forgotten.

There's more than one form of sun protection, i.e., rash guards, umbrellas, and wide bucket hats. But, of course, sunscreen is often the go-to.

I just did a write-up on properly navigating sun protection for babies, and most of those points remain the same for us all: DO NOT use sunscreen with harsh, toxic chemicals!

It's got to be mineral-based, all-natural, and reef-safe if it will live in my house.

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8. Light Beach Snacks and Easy Hydration

Food and hydration are absolutely surfing accessories. An accessory positively contributes to a thing or an experience, and healthy snacks and proper hydration are quite literally the keystones to any surfing experience done right.

And if you have a grom(s) at the house, you know how essential keeping those bellies full and satisfied during a long beach day is, as we all want to get the most out of this relaxation window.

Be sure to pack the snacks, and I like to keep things light and hydrating with fruit. Switching up your sources of hydration, in general, is super important, as kids often need a bit of flavor, so fruits, coconut water, and other additions to straight-up water are always good to have.

Keep it all cold in our super cute, super rad Salty Shreds Beach Cups.

9. Linen Clothes

Linen clothes are synonymous with a beach day. There are a plethora of linen fabric benefits, and I absolutely love this versatile material.

In terms of summertime surf sessions, linen clothes are wonderful when you must finally hide your skin from the sun. They'll offer sun protection while keeping you cool, the hollow flax fibres allowing for optimal airflow.

Linen clothes are stylish, embodying the perfect beach vibes in their look, appearance, and design; they wick away sweat and a whole lot more. So for that, linen clothes are a must-have surf accessory.

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10. Surf Earplugs

Surf earplugs are critical if you're raising surf kids, and really, swimmers' ears sucks for everyone. Surgery for surfers' ears is all-too-common, so if you have sensitive ears or want to add an additional level of comfort and safety (safety means they lessen the chance of ear infection), incorporate these into your arsenal of surfing accessories.

Here's Conner Coffin on why he wears them, as this perfectly reiterates the necessity of this valuable surfing addition.

11. Surf Sandals!

I'm extremely adamant about walking barefoot as much as possible. All of my groms walk barefoot, as do I, and for some pretty rad benefits. Grounding is a healing practice, and there's no better place to do it than at the beach, looking for waves.

But sometimes the sand gets hot, or we have to get down a windy path before arriving on softer ground, and so arises the need for shoes. So if you're going to wear shoes, you might as well make them sandals!

Sandals let your feet breathe, you don't need sandy socks, and they're easy to toss on and off.

Just make sure to sunscreen up your groms little piggies!

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12. Locking Surf Straps

Protecting your surfboards from theft during travel or busy parking isn't all that hard, and that's why locking surf straps aren't just a surf accessory; they're a surf necessity.

It's so simple to lower the chance of your boards being ripped off the racks by some hooligan, and all it takes is to opt for locking surf straps. These suckers are nearly impossible to cut, and they require either a key or a code to free your shred stick from the roof. Why wouldn't you have them?

13. Wax Box + Comb

Wax can be a total nightmare to car seats. And, your little munchkin surfer baby might think it's just another tasty bubblegum treat. Protect your car's interior and get the most out of your wax by storing it in a wax box.

Plus, these boxes often come with an attached wax comb, so they're a total of two-for-one surf accessories.

14. A Bit of Suncure

Nothing sucks more than needing a quick ding repair before getting back in the water. And, if you don't have some ding repair handy, you might not be getting back out there at all…

I always keep a bit of Suncure stored in a cool place, like my cooler, and always bring it along to every session. You never know when you'll need it, and you will always be thankful that you had it!

15. Beach Tote

Beach totes are the epitome of surfside organization. There's no other bag better for the beach.

Being the best way to carry and store your surfing accessories, totes become an accessory in themselves.

I don't think I've ever hit the shore without a tote full of sunscreen, hydration, and towels, so to me; they're a total surfing staple. Plus, they promote sustainability, and that's what we're all about.

For the rad and the reckless, and also those who care about the environment!

Hello to all my salty people! Thanks for readin' my blog and for the continuous support towards our brand. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter by creating your account to stay in the loop with new releases, sales & giveaways, and all our future blog post!

Live rad, stay salty.

- Ash, Dev & The Salty Shreds Fam.

June 08, 2022 — Salty Shreds


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I am wondering if you still do slides/sandals for adults. I bought a tan pair of salty shred slides once before and I am after another pair? I do like them.

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